Margaret O. Bagge
Head of School
B.A., Elms College
Administrator Credential, American Montessori Society

In 1996 Margaret Bagge began at PVMS as the school’s business manager. She worked closely with the Head of School, sharing duties and becoming involved in many aspects of running the school. In 2003 with the introduction of a new head of school, Margaret Bagge helped the school transition between the two leaders. Margaret later assumed the role of Assistant Head of School, and took the Montessori Head of School for three summers at the Center for Montessori Training in New York. When the Head of School stepped down in 2013, Margaret was named interim Head of school, and hired in full the next year.

When Margaret was first introduced to Montessori education, she felt that she had always been a Montessorian at heart. The Montessori philosophy was very similar to how she was raising her two boys, presenting them with what they were interested in, preparing the environment to enable them to do for themselves. Her favorite Montessori quote is “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed”.

In a former life, Margaret owned a travel agency and had the opportunity to do work-related vacationing. She developed a passion for learning about how others live, and has always been interested in history. Margaret and her husband enjoy planning and taking trips. Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Scotland and Ireland have been some favorites. They look forward, as always, to their next adventure.
Charmaine Fowler
Administrative Assistant

Charmaine came to us in 2013 from the Boston Language Institute where she had been the office manager. She had previously worked in the financial sector, and in party planning. Her work experience was a perfect fit for the administrative assistant position here at our school. She has become the friendly face and information hub of Pioneer Valley Montessori School.

In her spare time you might find Charmaine in the kitchen. She is a talented baker and cake decorator and specializes in 3-D cakes. If you aren’t sure what a 3D cake is, ask Charmaine! We have been fortunate to be the recipient of Charmaine’s talents for treats on special occasions!
Carla Deangelo
Office Assistant

Carla thought she was ready for retirement, but soon realized she was just looking for the next chapter in her life. After 18 years of working with all levels of children, she decided to work her magic with our youngest in our toddler program. After a few years with our littlest ones she decided to make a change and has been owrking in the school office since 2018.

When not at school, Carla enjoys spending time with her family. She has three daughters and now also enjoys being a grandmother to her grandchildren. She has been known to play a few rounds of golf and also loves to get in the kitchen for some cooking.
Melissa Brady
Admissions & Marketing
Margaret O'Shaughnessy
Information Technology Coordinator

Margaret O’Shaughnessy started out at PVMS as a part time after-school assistant in 2003. Margaret became the go-to problem solver for all things technical, and in 2014 decided to concentrate on Pioneer Valley Montessori School’s Information and Communication Technologies.

As a child, Margaret attended Montessori school in Pittsburgh through the 3rd grade. She recalls the first time she walked into PVMS; she felt that seeing the Montessori Materials was like visiting old friends. Margaret attributes her creative problem-solving skills and unwillingness to give up to her Montessori education. These two traits have served her well in her current position as ICT Coordinator.

Margaret and her husband welcomed a little boy into their family in 2015. They are excited to send their son through PVMS so he can benefit from the same kind of education and social development she experienced.
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