Enhanced Curriculum Subjects

Hywel Brown
Music Teacher

Hywel has been a musician for a long time, he has been playing piano and violin from age 3 and clarinet from age 8. He also plays recorder, drums, guitar and bagpipes. Hywel says that music is a universal language spoken all over the world and the more you know about it, the more you will feel connected with everyone else. His goal as a music teacher is for kids to enjoy music and have a basic understanding of the fundamentals.

Although originally from Bermuda, Hywel is a huge fan of Boston Sports. He follows them all: Patriots, Red Sox Celtics and Bruins. He is not just a spectator, he plays almost anything as well, but his favorite is golf.
Michael Desroches
Physical Education
Michael has been working at PVMS since 2015. He loves the staff and students as well as the fun learning atmosphere generated by each. As our PE teacher he sees his job as providing students with opportunities to be active and learn fun ways to exercise and be healthy for the rest of their lives. Michael is a real athlete having played soccer most of his life, in fact he played soccer in college and overseas as well. As a 15 year old he played in the Gothia Cup in Sweden representing the U.S. in the world’s largest youth tournament.
Christie Hester-Moore
Art Teacher

Christie has been a valued member of the PVMS family for more than 15 years. She first joined our community as a parent when she enrolled her daughter here. She has been the elementary art instructor since 2001, and prior to that, worked in many other roles at PVMS.

Christie Hester-Moore is a teacher, artist, and entrepreneur. Her work has been featured in several juried shows such as the Mattoon Art Festival in Springfield, Crafts on the Common in Amherst, as well as Hartsbrook School’s annual Holiday Fair. She was the recipient of the First Place award at The Mattoon Arts Festival in Mixed Media in 2009, 2011, 2014.
Lisa Bullen

Lisa was hired in 2011 as a classroom assistant in children’s house, and has since held positions in both children’s house and elementary. Little did we know, she was also a talented yoga instructor! Lisa has been studying and practicing yoga since 1997. Originally she began her journey into the world of yoga as a student in a pursuit to learn more. She became certified as an Atma Yoga teacher, and a friend eventually convinced her to teach; at first filling in here and there and finally leading classes of her own at Heartsong Yoga in East Longmeadow. Lisa has found a calling in teaching yoga and her passion for the practice is undeniable.

Her background and training is a synthesis of several schools of yoga, including the traditions of Atma, Ashtanga, and Kripalu. Lisa also studies Mindfulness Meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Her teaching style is a wonderful blend of all of her practices. After working at PVMS for 5 years, we are pleased that Lisa has brought her yoga expertise to us as our kindergarten and elementary yoga instructor.
Paula Wicks
Spanish Teacher

Paula has been with PVMS since 1989. She is known predominantly as our enthusiastic Spanish teacher for all levels: Toddler through 6th grade. Paula has been our Great Books teacher for many years as well. Paula says working with children for over 40 years has been a rewarding experience. Each level offers so many challenges and joys.

Paula really enjoys walking and yoga. She loves to get outside and clear her thoughts and get lost in enjoying nature. However, her greatest joy is spending time with her grandchildren. Her granddaughter is actually currently enrolled here at PVMS and she has another grandchild starting soon.

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