Children's Houses (preschool and kindergarten)

Angelika Deaton
Head Teacher, Children's House South

Elementary Teaching Diploma, Kantonales Lehrerseminar Mariaberg
MMTCC, American Montessori Society, Montessori Teaching Certificate 2-6
The Shelton School, MACAR Level 1

After studying traditional Elementary Education in Switzerland and later moving to the United States, Angelika was introduced to the field of Montessori Education when she started working as a Montessori assistant. She immediately fell in love with the philosophy and its impact on children and their development. Originally, she thought her work should be at the elementary level but soon learned that her true heart is with the early childhood years. She believes that as a Montessori head teacher she can support the natural development of the child while encouraging independence and their love for work.

Angelika brought her amazing teaching to PVMS in 2013. She enjoys the camaraderie and cooperation with the other teachers and staff very much. She feels that the school offers an authentic Montessori education by maintaining fidelity to the Montessori Method and encourages teachers to be their best.
Angelika and her husband have three adult children who they love to spend time with. When visiting family and friends in Europe, they enjoy hiking together as a family. When home in Massachusetts, she and her husband explore many of New England’s rail trails on their recumbent bikes.
Amber Badger
Assistant Teacher, Children's House South

Allison Zaczynski
Classroom Assistant, Children's House South

Ashlee Wactor
Head Teacher Children's House North

Debora Vaudrin
Assistant Teacher, Children's House North

Debbie truly has a gift for helping and caring for children. She and her husband served as foster parents for over 150 children over the years, in addition to their four adopted children and two biological children. She now enjoys the best part of being a parent…being a grandparent, to her eight grandchildren.

Debbie was hired in 2012 as an assistant in the after school program, and eventually took the lead position. She was also readily available as a substitute teacher during the day, and then was offered an assistant position. Debbie has a natural and easy rapport with children and with parents. Although she was new to Montessori when hired, she was intrigued by the philosophy and did the assistant training program as soon as she could. She continues to learn about the materials and how they are used in the classroom.
Lisa Bullen
Classroom Assistant, Children's House North

Lisa was hired in 2011 as a classroom assistant in children’s house, and has since held positions in both children’s house and elementary. Little did we know, she was also a talented yoga instructor! Lisa has been studying and practicing yoga since 1997. Originally she began her journey into the world of yoga as a student in a pursuit to learn more. She became certified as an Atma Yoga teacher, and a friend eventually convinced her to teach; at first filling in here and there and finally leading classes of her own at Heartsong Yoga in East Longmeadow. Lisa has found a calling in teaching yoga and her passion for the practice is undeniable.

Her background and training is a synthesis of several schools of yoga, including the traditions of Atma, Ashtanga, and Kripalu. Lisa also studies Mindfulness Meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Her teaching style is a wonderful blend of all of her practices. After working at PVMS for 5 years, we are pleased that Lisa has brought her yoga expertise to us as our kindergarten and elementary yoga instructor.

Lisa still lends a hand in the children's house north as a classrooms assistant during lunch time.
Alicia Chagnon
Head Teacher, Children's House East

Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Champlain College
MACTE, Center for Guided Montessori Studies
Taylor Henrich
Assistant Teacher, Children's House East
Gerrilin Haynes
Classroom Assistant, Children's House South

Gerri found herself looking for something to spark her interest after her boys grew up and left home. She heard about an opening at PVMS and applied; she has been here at Pioneer Valley Montessori School since 2007 as a classroom assistant during lunch and rest period. She loves the openness of a Montessori classroom and the quiet approach used by the head teachers as they speak to the students. In her spare time Gerri enjoys doing Yoga, and tries to practice 5 to 6 times a week.
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