Classroom-Shared Snacks (Children’s House and Lower Elementary only)

The families of the school provide snack to their child’s classroom, giving the children an opportunity to share a variety of snacks with their classmates. Each family is asked to send a week's supply of snacks for their child's class on a rotating basis. In most classes, this will mean 2 weeks per year. A snack schedule will be distributed at the beginning of the year and again mid-year with each family's scheduled week(s). As the daily snack is a part of each child's nutritional intake for the day, we ask that the snacks be low in sugar and include items such as: crackers, cheese, fruit, bagels, vegetables, dips, raisins, popcorn, muffins, breads, 100% fruit juices or milk. Please avoid sending cookies, fruit rollups, fruit candies, or other sweet snacks. There are children in the school with severe nut allergies so we ask that you do not send nuts, peanut butter or snacks with nuts as an ingredient. Snacks are provided for the Toddler classroom.

Upper Elementary will be shopping for their snacks.

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