Clothing Policy

School dress should allow students to participate comfortably in all physical and outdoor activities. Clothing is expected to cover the body fully and not create distractions from school work. Ripped or torn clothing should not be worn to school. If clothing has pictures or messages on it, the message must be judged appropriate and acceptable by Head of School. Tank tops are not allowed and skirts, shorts and dresses must come half way down a student’s thigh. Undergarments must be covered at all times. Hats that are worn to school need to be taken off inside the building. Students who come to school dressed inappropriately will be asked to call home to request a change of clothing. Headwear for religious purposes is acceptable.

Some school activities involve the use of paints, chalk, paste, water and other potentially messy materials. Please have your student dress in clothing that he/she does not need to worry about, so that they will be comfortable participating in these activities.

All children, except toddlers, should have shoes for outdoor play, and another pair of shoes that stay inside. We sit on floors and rugs at PVMS, and want to avoid bringing in as much of the outdoors on our feet as possible. Safety is an issue here, too. Sneakers are the best bet for outside play. Flip-flops are a hazard both indoors and out, and should not be part of the footwear plan. Woodchips can be very uncomfortable in sandals, and we don‘t recommend them. Indoor shoes should be comfortable and safe, and if you choose slippers they should safely stay on their feet, have a sole that would enable them to go outside in an emergency, and enable them to easily go up and down stairs in the school.

For younger children: One of the goals of a Montessori classroom is fostering independence. As soon as the children come inside, they are encouraged to do things for themselves. You can help children by purchasing clothing that he/she can manage independently. Buttons that are small or difficult, sticky zippers or tight boots make it difficult for children to have that good feeling of "I can do it myself." We have child-sized bathrooms so that the children need not wait for help whenever they have to use it. Please choose clothing that he/she can easily manage. The School keeps some extra clothing on hand for emergency use.

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