Parent Involvement

We welcome parent participation in a variety of ways. If you have a special talent, an interesting occupation, diverse cultural background or just some free time to share with your child's class, please contact a teacher for arrangements to come in. Examples: reading or storytelling, outdoor activities, art projects, handwriting, cooking, music experiences, animal visits, sharing of cultural customs and traditions.

Sharing any of the above activities with your child’s classroom should be arranged, in advance, with your child’s teacher. While parents are welcome to observe classrooms through observation windows, we do not encourage interaction in the classroom. Parents who linger in a classroom at drop-off time, or drop in unexpectedly, can unintentionally change the flow of the classroom learning environment, and redirect the teacher’s focus. Please do not linger or drop in unexpectedly to your child’s classroom. Parents who arrive late, or arrive unexpectedly during the day, will be asked to remain outside the classroom, either to drop their child off, or to observe through the windows.

If you need to talk with your child’s teacher, please make arrangements to talk at a time when the teacher is not responsible for the students. Morning arrival or afternoon dismissal times are periods of the day when the teacher’s full attention needs to be on the students.

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