Peace Education and Behavior management

The Montessori curriculum has an important component called Peace Education. In this curriculum, the children learn about people of many cultures. The goal of this is to promote tolerance of difference in other people. The children also learn how to solve disagreements between themselves and their friends by learning to say what they are upset about, as well as learn to listen to the other person’s point of view. This curriculum starts in the Children’s House, with the youngest children and continues through the Upper Elementary classroom. As the children mature and develop skills, the focus continues out from the classroom to the community and the world. The goal of behavior management in the Montessori classroom is to facilitate children learning to interact with each other and the materials independently and positively, in a socially responsible manner. The teachers support the growth of the child's inner discipline by preparing a rich and stimulating physical and social environment and encouraging children to make responsible decisions about their behavior. An additional goal is to provide a safe environment for all children and adults in the classroom. Classroom Ground Rules will be clearly, explicitly, and consistently reinforced with the children.

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