Peace Education

Dr. Montessori became focused on Peace Education during the years of the two World Wars, when she was interned in India. She observed the horrors that are inflicted on people because of the inability to solve differences. Dr. Montessori became convinced that during childhood there is a unique opportunity to impact the way a person looks at others who may seem different, either by culture, ethnicity, religion or other ways. She came to believe that if tolerance of and interest in difference is encouraged in the earliest years, children retain this attitude of openness. If a child is taught the skills to solve interpersonal problems by talking, as well as by listening to others, a lifelong pattern is set. This is one reason why most Montessori schools have a diverse population and why Montessori schools are found in countries around the world. We, at Pioneer Valley Montessori School, have integrated Peace Education into our curriculum and teach it at every level.

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