Suspension, Probation and Expulsion

Pioneer Valley Montessori School will make every attempt to resolve difficulties that arise, but occasionally this is not possible and severe measures are necessary. Preschool students and elementary students differ in many ways and so too will the methods used to try to modify a student’s behavior. If a child’s behavior becomes, or continues to be, unmanageable in school and is not responsive to various behavior management techniques, parents will be called in for a conference to address the issue. These behaviors may be, but not limited to, aggression toward other children or teachers, disruption of normal classroom function, destruction of school property, non-compliance with classroom rules.

The Head Teacher, in concert with the Head of School, will attempt first to manage the behavior. If a child does not respond to recommended strategies, the parents may be asked to:
1. meet with the Head Teacher and Head of School
2. seek outside professional advice
3. keep the child home for a period of time
4. the child may be asked to leave the program

For children in the elementary classes, suspension is a consequence that may help them to realize the seriousness of their unacceptable behavior. Suspension is not used for preschool or kindergarten children.

There is a 6 week probation period for all students at the beginning of his/her enrollment at Pioneer Valley Montessori School. At the end of that period, a child may be asked to leave the school if it is felt that the school cannot meet the student’s academic or emotional needs. Other periods of probation may be useful to set a focused period of time in which to attempt to modify a student’s behavior or to assess whether the student’s academic needs are being met.

A student may be expelled for the following reasons:
1. If a student deliberately harms another student or teacher
2. If a student damages or destroys school property
3. If a student is suspended repeatedly or does not meet the terms of the suspension
4. If a student or family does not support or follow the school’s policies or procedures

Compulsory Withdrawal
Compulsory withdrawal will only be recommended when either the individual child’s needs cannot be met and/or the impact of the child’s behavior is adversely affecting the rest of the students and positive management of the classroom. The parent will be provided with written documentation of the reasons for termination.

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