Children will be allowed to use the bathroom as requested. Young and newly toilet-trained students will be reminded throughout the day to use the bathroom. Accidents are not uncommon and will be dealt with in a sensitive, understanding manner.
Staff will provide supervision of bathroom use. Teachers will guide children in the management of their clothing and hygiene, verbally. If more guidance is needed, it will be given. The bathroom door will remain open, with the teacher standing near the doorway.
In the event that a child's clothing becomes soiled or wet, it will be sent home for cleaning. The child will be washed up, given clean clothing and helped to change. At no time will a child be expected to or allowed to remain in soiled clothing during school hours.
Staff will insure that the children wash their hands after using the bathroom.
The school will maintain a supply of extra clothing for emergency changes. Parents will be requested to provide a change of clothing for their child, labeled, in an individual bag, which will be kept in their classroom.

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