Meeting Highlights

Mums Fundraiser:
Raised approximately $550 dollars- about the same profit as last year, but fewer sales. The difference was the fact that the company from which we buy the mums donated an entire rack of them to us.

Why fewer sales?
• Too early in the season?
• Online form confusing?
• Include option to buy with paper order form and a check?
• Should we discontinue fundraiser?

Also, problems with delivery/pick-up.

Resolution for sales:
• Resolved that people like the fundraiser and we should keep it.
• Paper flyer and order form to be sent out at least two weeks before delivery next year.
• Clarify online order form
• Send out a “heads up” flyer in summer packet mailed to people’s homes prior to beginning of school year
• Maybe also have the mums sale one water later in the month- more time to communicate it.

Resolution for delivery:
• Plan delivery of mums day before parent pickup to allow for more time for sorting and organizing orders.
• Request one organized spreadsheet of orders (apparently the volunteers received several different versions of the spreadsheet)

Photography Potential Fundraiser:

Photographer Dani Fine from Northampton. Offered services for mini photo session, at a reduced price, with some money going directly back to the PCO. The location would be outdoors, behind the school, with the Bass Pond Park in the background.

Problem: We were simply too late to book it for the nice fall weather this year. She could do it in November, but then we run the risk of cold/bad weather and rush for holiday pictures.

Also, she must have a minimum number of sessions booked to hold the event.

Decision: We love the idea, but feel it’s too last-minute for us to get this together now. Perhaps see if we can book her now for next fall, so that we can really spread the word in the PVMS (and greater) community.

Halloween Party
TONS to do before the event!

So far, we have:
• Rented Hall
• Rented DJ
• Rented the Shuttle

Still need to do:
For Decorating Pumpkins:
• Figure out where to order & pick up order for pumpkins (Assigned)
• Craft materials for decorating (Assigned)

For Donut Bite game:
• Donuts - 3 dozen – (Assigned)

We need a photographer
We need lots of volunteers for set-up/clean up
We need people to donate food/drink items

Will send out a Sign-Up Genuis form in newsletter to get the help

Yearbook 2018/2019:

• PCO pays for yearbook (free) for each child
• Cost is offset by business ads at the back
• Not many ads sold last year
• When to start selling ads? Best way to go about doing so? Suggested that we send home a flyer about it early, with a note asking parents to consider asking their local businesses.

Is there a way to get more ads that would be better?


What do we raise money for? Mission/Goal statement?

Currently we pay for Yearbook, Halloween party, to offset the cost of field trips, help classrooms fund something on their wish list, help with some before/after school items.

To little information at this point to discuss anything specific—can discuss once we have a better idea of finances we can talk about details.

Other Fund Raising Ideas:
Pizza Sale (last year) – very popular

? Barnes and Nobles Book Fair - you get a flyer and you bring it in - Deb
? Scholastic Book Fair
? 2k - 5k - Fun Run
? Mini Golf Tournament

Next meeting date: Wednesday, November 14, 5:30 p.m.

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