One Man's Trash

One Man's Trash is the Whole School's Treasure.

Often the school is looking for items for projects that you might throw away. By collecting these items and donating them to the school you can create new life for them as educational tools. This list changes with supply and demand so check back often to see what is new and what we might already have enough of.

- Cardboard tubes
- Empty plastic water bottles
- Cereal boxes
- Card stock or cardboard
- Straws
- Paper clips, binder clips, clothespins
- pipe cleaners (chenille stems)
- Foam (packaging)
- Pompoms
- Cotton balls
- Plastic Wrap
- Aluminum foil
- Rubber bands
- Sandpaper
- Fabric scraps
- Egg cartons (plastic and cardboard)
- Electrical wire
- Electrical components
- Washers, nuts, bolts, etc.
- empty cleaned plastic containers (yogurt, take out, cottage cheese, etc.)
- index cards
- construction paper
- Tape (duct, masking, invisible, double sided etc.)
- Weights (small metal washers, pennies, fishing)
- Modeling clay
- Marbles or other small balls
- Small bottles of school glue (white glue)
- Trash bags
- Wax paper
- Floral foam
- Dominoes
- Balsa Wood
- Styrofoam balls
- Small paper cups
- Small plastic cups
- Toothpicks
- Magnetic Blocks
- Magnetic building kit
- Paintbrushes
- Wooden cubes or blocks

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