Pete's Dragon Questions

A few parents a have voiced some concerns about the Elementary Movie Night Feature Pete's Dragon. It is our intention for this movie to be viewed by elementary grades 1 - 6.  We at the school have found common sense media to be a great tool for judging the appropriateness of media and encourage parents to check it out for themselves. 

Common sense media has given this a 7+ rating (meaning they believe it is appropriate for children 7 years and older) Here is what they have to say about this movie.

Parents need to know that Pete's Dragon is a delightful remake of Disney's 1977 live-action/animated classic. It's a throwback to Disney movies of the past: wholesome, sweet, fun, and exciting. That said, the "exciting" part includes plenty of peril and danger, as well as some sad moments. Pete is 5 when he's in a terrible car accident that leaves him orphaned and abandoned in the woods, which could definitely upset younger or more sensitive kids. But sweet, furry dragon Elliot takes care of Pete for several years -- until loggers threaten the wilderness and their home. Expect some tense, chases and disturbing scenes when hunters go after Elliot (a gun is pointed at him in one scene) and it appears he's dead. There are also a couple of mildly crude jokes. Mostly, though, this is a sweet film about love, friendship, finding family in unexpected places, appreciating nature, and opening yourself up to believing in magic. It also has clear themes of courage, empathy, and perseverance.

Check out the whole review for yourself. Pete's Dragon

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