AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM with Maxine & Gerri and Margaret & Donna

The beautiful, colorful fall leaves bejeweling the P.V.M.S. tree on our door last month have given way to textured leaves in shades of brown, just like the leaves have outside our windows. But our multi-colored, feathered turkeys lend the door a cheerful entry! No doubt, some of these turkeys have strutted home with the children. They had fun choosing which feathers suited their very own turkey creations.

Our Children's House group has also been working on our "Healthy Meals" 3-D project, cut, glued and arranged on a leaf patterned paper place mat. It was interesting to see the favorite food choices the children carefully made, and then glued onto their paper plates. Some looked quite appetizing!

Since the weather in November was mostly dry,we enjoyed outdoor play nearly every day. Gerri was so nice to rake our abundant fallen leaves over and over into big piles for our group to jump in, and to supervise the jumpers having fun! Now that the leaves have been carted away, we are back to running, climbing and swinging.

This month in the play kitchen area, we set up the "P.V.M.S. Restaurant" with tablecloths and cloth napkins, menus and vases of silk flowers. The children loved setting up, taking orders and serving the play food.

Our easel supplied cut paper shapes for creative glue work, and dot paints which inspired bold, colorful works of art. We are continually surprised by the children's wonderful use of the materials provided!

The Elementary students are happy to be creating fantasy animals - some went home on ribbons as necklaces - with the ever popular fusion beads. Margaret is kept busy ironing the beads to melt them into colorful keepsakes!

Everone enjoyed watching "The Muppets Take Manhatten" movie on one chilly fall afternoon. The kindergarteners were invited to join the older children which was a special treat for them!

Outdoors, the Elementary group was glad to see the tennis court leaf free, which lead them to play many lively basketball games!

The older group will be working on a special Thanksgiving Day project this last week of November.

Then we will all be looking forward to winter fun!

Maxine, Gerri, Margaret and Donna

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