CHILDREN'S HOUSE NORTH - with Andea Thibert and Sara Liptak

The children are continuing to settle nicely into the routines and expectations of the classroom and are moving forward with their individual goals. Various friendships, relationships, and peer groups continue to develop and the multi-age classroom helps support their social growth and needs.

This past month, during group time, we discussed different emotions and expressions using large photographs. The children had the opportunity to identify and express each emotion and share how and/or why it occurred. This activity was both exciting and important, as most children enjoy sharing and need to express personal feelings.

Also during group time, we had a wonderful presentation on the importance of fire safety. A local firefighter, "Firefighter Keno", demonstrated and discussed the importance of a firefighters gear and clothing. The children were both a bit apprehensive and excited with touching and seeing all the necessary equipment and gear worn by firefighters. "Firefighter Keno" was engaging and sensitive to all the children during the presentation and discussed the importance of practicing fire drills and school and home. The finale was walking through a fire truck, hearing the sirens, and seeing the flashing lights!

I hope all the families enjoyed being part of "Mom's Night" this year. It was very well attended and I know that your children really enjoy having you spend time in his/her classroom. They love showing off all that they have learned.

This time of year can be so hectic! Please try to keep your child's routine and schedule as close to "normal" as possible. Also, a good night's sleep is vital to your child's health and unfortunately this sometimes gets interrupted during the holiday season. Children need consistent routines, healthy nutritious foods, and of course LOVE to remain happy and healthy!

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