LOWER ELEMENTARY WEST - with Sue Foerster and Lucy Maleshefski

Greetings from Lower EL West. The holidays are soon upon us and the children have been busily creating their Sharing Day Cards. They are excited about delivering it to their partner in the Childrens' Houses and wondering how their introductions will go. Nick is pleased that he has the same partner as last year and was happy that his partner actually remembered him. So much gained from so seemingly a small gesture as sharing time together.

There were no classes last Friday so that parents and teachers could have conferences and I'd like to thank our parents for taking the time to arrange their schedules etc. in order to attend. It is very a short time in which to share a small glimpse into a child's life at school and at home. I see it is a great opportunity for me to learn about the children as well. In this way, we are both better able to understand how best to support and meet your children's needs. We both want happy eager learners! I encourage and appreciate feedback.

Mom's Night was a calm but busy evening. The children are so engaged and happy to have this special time with moms, grandmothers and even aunts. Sorry about having no snack due to our vigilance against the Swine Flu!

The weather men tell us that the cold weather is coming so please send children with the appropriate weather clothing! They go OUT most days.

Coming up: Family celebrations shared with the students, pasta luncheon.

Lastly, remember these helpful hints, taken from Christmas Ideas 2006 magazine. Buy a greener tree. You can buy a potted tree and plant it later or find organic tree growers by visiting Also another favorite - make the package part of the gift. Wrap a package in a silk scarf or wrap baked goods in a large dinner napkin made from organic cloth. Enjoy your time together.
Happy Holidays!
Sue and Lucy

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