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April Newsletter 2015

A farewell work of Art from Christie's Elementary Art classes
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June 2015 News - repeat?

I heard that some parents did not receive the June news, so I am re-sending to all.  If you find that you have not received it at any time, please let us know, but you can also look on our website to read it there.

Thank you

June Toddler News 2015

 The month of
June seemed to arrive quickly once our harsh winter made an exit. Where did the
school year go? I'm sure you have noticed that your children are no longer the
toddlers they were when school began in the fall. They have not only grown in
stature but in confidence and competence. They are a true testament to Dr
Montessori's philosophy and teachings.

the last days of school just around the corner, it's time to prepare the
children for the up coming changes. Transitions can be difficult for children
and parents. You probably remember how challenging it was when school started
in the fall. In order to help the children become more accustomed with the
Children's House classrooms, we have been making short visits. During the last
week of school we will discuss the summer break, moving up and returning, as
well as reminding them that our friendships will continue even though we won't
be together. In addition to the transition process, the children have been
captivated with the growing insect population. At times they hover over a tiny
spec on the slide and talk about what it's doing or run around calling,"it's
a bee". To support their interests in the classroom, we have been
inspecting, matching and reading about insects.

Thank you for
entrusting us with your precious children. They have truly brought joy to our
days. We hope the wonder of discovery and learning will continue throughout
their lives.

Have a wonderful
summer and stop by if you are in the neighborhood.




Children’s House North

Andrea & Sara


Our final newsletter! I am
grateful to all the children for a wonderful year and everything we have
learned together. We have a few kindergarteners in our class graduating, a few
children moving on, and many returning in the fall. I wish all the children the
best of luck wherever they may be going.

I would like to congratulate our class for a job well done
at the annual Spring Performance. The children worked very hard with their
songs and also for being a terrific audience to Upper and Lower Elementary
classes. It is a lot of hard work for the teachers, staff members,
parents and children. Thank you to Ms. Leticia for dedicating the many hours to
plan, create, teach and rehearse with the children.  She always does a wonderful job!  Also, thank you to the staff and parents who
helped out during the show – we couldn’t have done it without your


Summer is just around the
corner!  Please remember children need
“down time”, too.  Parents often ask
“What should I do to help my child over the summer break?” I always recommend
taking time to just explore what is available in our area for the children to
participate in.  The local libraries
offer summer reading, play groups, and theme related activities throughout the
summer.  This is also a wonderful time to
take advantage of the outdoors to explore nature and all its benefits.  Nature walks in your town park or your
backyard, if it’s large enough to explore and experience. 


If you have any questions or
comments and need to speak to or meet with me, please feel free to contact the
school to arrange a time together. 


Happy Summer & Peace





Upper Elementary


Wow!  This year really went by fast.  It doesn’t seem possible it’s time to wish
Diego and Olivia good luck at their new schools and remind them to visit
often.  We are all looking forward to a
little R & R and everyone has earned it! 
Much group and individual progress was made this school year.  As a class, we will review what worked and
what didn’t work for our class, and consider some adjustments for next year.

All returning
students, as well as the new fourth years, have received a summer reading
assignment.  Included in the folder are
comprehension questions and a notebook into which answers should be
written.  Some students have received a
second novel which should also be read but has no written
work to go with it. Of course, students are encouraged to read as much as
possible over the summer.

 Everyone has math fact practice in his/her
folder to work on.  Students should
spread the work over the summer to help keep facts in mind. Nothing will help students tackle more
difficult upper level math work more than being able to quickly recall math
facts.  Flash card work is strongly
recommended, especially multiplication and division of the sixes, sevens, and

We can’t thank
our parents enough for all you have done for us throughout the year. Your
support and cooperation mean the world to us and does not go unnoticed by the
students. We are looking forward to – and of course already planning for –
another successful year!


Mary and Terri



News from Lower El


As I write this,
June is around the corner and I take this time to look at the past few week’s
memorable events.

Earth Day, which
is a school-wide event, was again enjoyed by all.  All groups of children traveled from station
to station with eagerness.  The older
students pairing with younger ones provided help as well as an opportunity for
bonding to begin between younger and older friends.  They later joined on the playground and some
went over to see their partners, or smiled longingly at them.  All seemed to enjoy the chalk art, planting
station and Forest Park Travelling Zoo presentation.  We also planted plants in our raised bed
garden.  Thanks for all the donations!

Thank you for
the wonderful Teacher Appreciation Dinner. 
This event is such a relaxing night out with fellow staff, and we are
pampered.  Thanks to the Campsie family
for again providing their home for this special time, and to all whose food we
enjoyed for dinner as well as for lunch the next day, too!

The Spring
Performance was again a special time for all. 
The children were excited and enjoyed their time on stage.  Such an amazing time for them to see their
classmates perform and celebrate their time together.  It’s a special night for all the parents and
friends as well.

We end our last
weeks with our annual Look Park picnic and all are planning what to bring to
eat and are anticipating a fun day with Upper El, too.  Thanks to Luis's Family for donating
the hand wipes we’ll use. 

Lastly, we’ll
enjoy our Pet Day where children bring in a favorite pet to school for a short
visit.  You never know what will be
brought in!

Talent day is a
time for having fun.  Some sing, play an
instrument or do magic tricks.  It’s a
low-key time and all enjoy one another’s abilities or interests being shared.

I want to thank
everyone for their support during our transition when Lucy left.  I’m so blessed and honored to have had
Christie Moore join us for these past weeks. 
Lisa, also extended her hours to help us and we formed a great
team.  The children smoothly continued
on, and although they missed Lucy, were welcoming to Christie and Lisa. 

It has been a
wonderful class to be a part of and watch grow as individuals and eager
learners. Have a wonderful summer!  Read,
read, read and enjoy the beauty of nature around you!

Thanks to all my
parents for their help and support this year!








            When I was looking for a site to do
my Montessori internship, I came upon an 8-year-old school in Springfield,
Massachusetts.  It seemed like a good
location – not too far from mountains, the ocean, New York City, and within a
day’s drive of my family in Pennsylvania. 
When I came for an interview, I was impressed by the friendliness,
warmth, and professionalism of the staff, as well as the beautiful woods
surrounding the school.  I decided this
was the place for me, and so in September, 1972, I began my long sojourn at
Pioneer Valley Montessori School.

            Over the years, there have been many
changes.  Children’s car seats have made
carpooling a thing of the past.  Students
no longer commute from Westover Air Force Base. 
We stopped having Mom’s Day during school hours.  Two half-day pre-school classes became one
school day that included lunch, naps, afternoon extended day, and before and
after-school care.  The school grew from
pre-school to lower elementary to upper elementary.  The staff expanded to include music, art, and
Spanish teachers.  The woods behind the
school are nearly gone, thanks to the tornado of 2011.  However, along with all the changes, there
have been many constants: parents still care about their children and make
sacrifices to send them to a school whose philosophy and methodology they
believe in; children still grow and learn, sometimes challenging, but mostly
delighting those of us who work with them; parents still give of their time to
volunteer at the school; the staff is still professional, caring, and dedicated
to Montessori education.  Over the years,
I have been fortunate to work with these exceptional people.

            A parent once asked me if there was
ever a time when I didn’t want to come to school.  I can truthfully say that there have been
very few days that I have not been excited to be with the young children in my
class.  I can’t imagine a career or a
school that would have been more fulfilling to me.

Although I will
no longer be at P.V.M.S. full-time, I will not be far away.  Expect to see me around as a substitute
teacher, helping out at Earth Day, enjoying the Spring Performance.

            I wish to express a heart-felt THANK
YOU to all the colleagues I have so enjoyed working with over the years, all
the parents who have entrusted their children to my care, and especially to all
the children, who have enriched my life by being a part of it.





Children’s House South


May was a very
busy month!  We have been revealing a new
Special Friend on a daily basis and your children seem to enjoy it very much.
They are always so excited to find out who it will be and have a great time
guessing. We have learned about germination and planted pumpkin, corn and
sunflower seeds.  Your children are
showing patience, asking us when the seedlings will emerge daily.  They water them with great care and are
excited to be bringing the plants home for their own gardens.

Our spring
performance was a wonderful night for your children. I must say, I was so proud
of the students. They did a fantastic job and put forward their best
effort.  What a nice experience for them
to perform on stage at such a young age. Congratulations to Jeffrey and family
who won our animal quilt raffle item.

We had a great
fieldtrip to Lupa Zoo. The children loved this trip and it was a lot of fun for

A quick look at
the remaining schools days: 

Monday June 8th
and Wednesday June 10th we will be celebrating Summer Birthdays.
Please send in photos of your children!

Wednesday June
10th is Kindergarten Graduation.

Thursday June 11th
report cards will go home.

I would like to
thank all parents for their generosity in sending delicious snacks throughout
the year. We very much appreciate all your support. This has been an exciting
and rewarding year for all of us. I am looking forward to being at Children’s
House South in September!

Your children
bring me great joy and I am thankful that you have entrusted them to me.  I wish you and your families a great and
relaxing summer.








Hester-Moore                                         Upper and Lower Elementary
Art                June 2015


     Greetings everyone,

 It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the
end of the school year. The students have worked hard and created many
wonderful and interesting works of art. For our final project, students created
“Artist Tribute Pillows”.  This project
was designed as a way for students to pay homage and remember someone special
in their lives and a nice way to complete this year’s school theme of heritage.

      Each person was given a length of muslin
fabric which had been treated with a layer of gesso (gesso is a primer used by
artists on canvases and other surfaces to prepare them for paint or other fine
art mediums). A special thanks to the third year students for helping me apply
the gesso to all the fabric for this project. Using acrylic paints in various
colors, students laid down a background pattern.  Then, using a pencil each child drew a
portrait of the person they wanted to honor. Once the outline was complete, the
portraits were colored in with water soluble oil pastels and water color
crayons. Using water and paint brushes students carefully blended the pastels
to give their pieces a more painterly effect. We let our fabric dry thoroughly
and then we applied stamped imagery. Students were asked to list words that
described or reminded them of this person and then incorporated some of these
words into their designs. Some students chose to add three dimensional elements
such as buttons or paper details. Finally the art work was stitched into pillow
form and the students stuffed the pillows. These amazing pieces of art work
were put on display and have been admired by staff, students and visitors

 Have a wonderful summer and all the best until
the new school year!











April showers
brought in May Flowers.  The children
were thrilled to enjoy their afterschool time outside.  It’s hard to believe how hot the temperature
was in May, though the children were hydrated with water from the outside
fountain.  Other times, the children were
busy helping create the auction items for the Spring Performance.  We would like to thank Don, Asia's Dad, for
designing the tree for our project. 

            The children were excited to see new
sand toys for the sandbox to play with. Slowly, the end of the school year is
winding down to a finish.


March Newsletter 2015
May 2015 News

News from Lower EL West

Greetings and Happy Spring, at long last! I'd like to
share with you some feedback about our transitioning from team Sue and Lucy to
team Sue, Christie and Lisa. It certainly has been a smooth transition due to
the fact that Lisa, Christie, and Susan have been, and continue to be, your
children’s teachers. Christie has graciously agreed to work with me Tuesday
through Friday; Lisa has increased her hours as well and is with me on Mondays.
Our classroom continues to be a peaceful, enriching environment and Lucy is
sending me pictures of her family and the beach. Susan continues to have
notebook news on Wednesday afternoons and presents cultural lessons on
Thursday. I'd like to thank all of you as well for your support during this time
of change.

We have been busy and have enjoyed some special events:

Fair:  Again, I'm so pleased and proud of
the children’s ability to present their projects to their peers, classmates,
and parents.  They enjoy this experience,
and develop self-confidence as well. Lower El and Upper El students visited
each other's projects as well. They were all very respectful and supportive of
one another. My thanks to all that helped make this happen. The cleanup crew of
Luis's dad and   Ariel's and Adriana's
dad was a gift. They quickly set the classrooms back up again and made life a
lot easier for all of us.

Henderson's fundraiser was a huge success. With Liz Henderson's help and
guidance, Sarah presented her idea to Margaret and discussed this with our
class. Sarah’s request for volunteers to bake was met with a show of many hands
and quickly written names on the sign-up sheet. Christie had a wonderful idea
to collect money for the cookies etc.: She likened it to a farm stand where
people followed the honor system, and donate what they wanted.  Then, all parents could enjoy the Science
Fair,  and not have to monitor the table.
It all worked out well. The baked items were delicious and $170 was
raised.  The check was sent to   Animal Adventures in Bolton, Mass. This is
where Lucy and I adopted the Degues from. 
Lastly, the additional space using Susan Hershey’s classroom seemed to
afford us the needed extra room to show all the projects and enable everyone to
walk around more freely to enjoy this wonderful annual fair.

Day was a warm site to see. The smiling faces of both the children and their
guests illustrate what a special event this is. Those whose families were able
to attend enjoyed the bustling, fun morning as well. In the afternoon, we set
aside some time for other students to share pictures, mementos or stories about
their Grandparents who were not able to attend. 

Thank you to
Carolina, Briana's mom, for coming to share information about Santo
Domingo.  Briana and Paula helped
translate for us and others in the classroom spoke Spanish they knew as well.
We learned about the climate, animals, schooling, types of flowers and trees,
and we all shared a special lunch. Carolina brought in bananas, avocados and a
dish called Poco de Pollo.   It was
delicious! Some children had more than one serving. Staff members as well have
enjoyed Carolina's cooking.  I have
enjoyed two meals brought in and can't thank her enough.

Beach Day was
fun!  Christie created a tropical
paradise complete with leis and other decorative items.  Various children made palm trees, a tiki
shack and tiki lights, and there was music. Towels came out quickly and most
donned bathing suits or beach apparel. The music was enticing and a lot of
people got up to dance.  It was a
wonderful opportunity to have some fun and it is a favorite.

Crazy Hair Day
was added on this year by Upper El and we gladly joined in the fun.  There were green wigs, crazy hairdos,
different colored hair, and other interesting hairdos.

Lastly, we had
two visitors when Matt introduced us to his beautiful, big puppies. Thank you
to Christine (and her husband) for carrying them in. Anchor weighs 18 pounds
and his sisters is close behind. So cute. These pups are going to good homes
and they will be a great addition to any family.  I wish it was mine.

We have been

Cultural -
classification of frogs, birds, and reptiles, Time Line of Life activities;

Math -
measurement, memorization of multiplication facts, symmetry, congruency of shapes,
and place value work

 Language - dictionary work, comprehension
stories, and review of capitalization rules


Coming up:

 Earth Day

 Spring Performance

 Stanford testing for third-year students

 Fiesta (Paula)

Picnic at Look

Time is flying





May Toddler News 2015

April seemed
to come and go quickly but gave us a little taste of spring which supported our
discussion of the season. We read stories, made daily observations of forsythia
branches over the course of a week and viewed plants and branches under
magnification. Several of our stories mentioned the rain in spring time. Our
rain stick made some of the stories read come to life. The children had the
opportunity to try it on their own. As we were getting ready to go outside,
some of the children realized we didn't need snow pants, boots or mittens
anymore. You could see their happiness to finally play unencumbered. Everyone was
delighted to be able to finally use the sand box. One day, all the children
were in it at once. Food prep continued to be a popular activity. We added
melon cutting and potato peeling. During one of our group gatherings, we
prepared a pineapple for snack. The children were able to use several of their
senses during this activity.  As the
whole pineapple was passed around, we noted its weight, texture, smell and at
the end, tasting was the best part. Currently we are trying to root the top to
make a new plant. In previous years, the class planted flower and bean seeds in
late April but due to the later onset of spring warmth, we waited until this
month. We will do our traditional beautification of our entry area and will
begin preparing our large outdoor pots to transplant the herbs we have been
caring for all winter indoors.

May holds a
wonderful tradition of taking a special day to honor our mothers. We hope all
moms have a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day.

The end of
May can be very sunny and warm at our outdoor time. Please apply any sun screen
before coming to school. Sneakers are still the best shoes for school. Open
shoes allow the wood chips to get inside making their feet very



Spanish with Paula, Abril, 2015


We were busy with animal vocabulary during the month of April.  Each level (Lower and Upper El) did some
illustrating and some writing for their animal projects. The year is quickly
coming to an end!  Looking forward to a
very busy May in preparation for the fiestas!


TODDLER— A little bit of fine tuning with my schedule has
allowed me to spend a bit more time in the toddler classroom chatting away in
Spanish.  I usually arrive for story time
and stay for playtime before lunch.  The
children have begun to repeat words here and there en espanol.


CHILDREN’S HOUSES— We talked about the difference between
wild and tame animals and sorted plastic animals into those two categories.  We practiced their names in Spanish.  The children enjoyed creating animal puzzles
as well.  We played a game of animal
lotto to practice more animal names. 
After the April break, we practiced food vocabulary with the
ever-popular Raton game.  The children
also got to vote on whether they liked (me encanta) or disliked (no me encanta)
the foods we used for the Raton game.  On
to more food practice in May!


KINDERGARTEN— The kindergarteners have created a clothes
vocabulary list for their Spanish folders. 
We had fun “dressing” animals in people clothing and discussing the
clothes vocabulary.  We also created an
animal vocabulary list (pets) for our folders and talked about pets we had (Yo
tengo) and pets we would like (Yo quiero). After April vacation, we went on to
food vocabulary.  The children are quite
comfortable writing words en espanol and their folders are chuck full of
Spanish fun!


LOWER ELEMENTARY — Level One students have been busily
learning the Spanish version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.  They have illustrated a book of the animals
in all of the verses.  We also wrote
about the colors of these animal using two colors.  We hope to sing not only to Lower El, but to
Upper El and Kindergarten as well!

            Level Two
students created a rainbow forest for their study of forest animals.  We reviewed pet and farm vocab and then it
was on to this new vocabulary.  The
students also wrote about their forests and presented them to our Spanish
class.  The Level Twos are working on the
poem “La Ranita” for the spring.  We are
well on the way to memorizing the poem. 
The children are looking forward to creating a ranita project and
presenting to Lower El.

Level Three students have been
working on a story about pets (Una Mascota para Mi).  Their reading skills are coming right
along!   This level also reviewed pet,
farm and forest vocabulary before going on to jungle animals.  They wrote three paragraphs about three
different jungle animals and illustrated each page.  We learned how to make comparisons in Spanish
as well.


UPPER ELEMENTARY—Levels three, four, and five have been
studying animal vocabulary this month.  After a review of pet, farm, forest and
jungle, the various levels went on to new animal vocabulary and projects.

            Level Three—
Please see above Lower Elementary description.

            Level Four— The
vocabulary for sea animals was our new vocabulary at this level.   After completing vocabulary lists for our
animal vocabulary review, we wrote one for sea animals.  Each student chose a sea animal to write
about.  We wrote about their color, where
they lived and what they ate.  We
reviewed how to write comparisons in Spanish and proceeded to compare our
animal to other sea animals.  We also
wrote a sentence using our preposition vocabulary.  After illustrating their pages, the children
read to our Spanish class.  We are also
working on a story about friends (Mi Amigo). 
Slowly but surely, our reading and comprehension is improving.

            Level Five— My
level Five student was able to complete almost all of the review animal
vocabulary pages independently!  We then
went on to desert vocabulary.  In
conjunction with this vocabulary, we practiced demonstrative adjectives
(Ese,esos, esa,esas,este,estes, esta, estas). 
We also reviewed colors, comparisons and prepositions for our writing
project. We have slowly been reading and translating that whale story!  We often get side-tracked with other reading
and writing.  Every little bit of reading
and translating will help!


            Level Six— For
the first time in quite a while, my Level six students have successfully read
and translated more than half of our reading book, “El Viaje a Mexico”.  Congratulations!  We are reading about a chapter per class now
and I really would love to finish the book by the end of the year—a first for
Paula!!   My goal for this level of
Spanish is to foster as much reading independence as possible.  We are striving to use our resources
(notebook, reading book, and dictionary) to complete our class work without the
aid of a teacher!





Level One students have been working on the African folktale,
“The King of the Frogs.”  They enjoyed
creating the different sounds which the frogs made at night until someone
approaches.  Their art work showed the
frogs doing as the pleased.  They drew a
picture of the god “Mmumi”.  Interesting
interpretation of their idea of a god! 
We created a poem about noisy and quiet as a class.  The children also made crocodile puppets in
honor of the new king “Mamba.”


Level Two students have been discussing friendship in our
West Indian story “Anancy and Puss and Dog and Friendship”.  We formed a vocabulary list. We wrote about
whether Puss and Dog should try to be friends and who was the better friend!  The children have been working hard on using
information from the story to back up their opinions. We have been examining
different parts of the story to see if we could come up with clues about
friendship.  The children did a great job
reading this story, which is written in a “funky” dialect!


Level Three students have been working on the folktale, “The
Fisherman and His Wife.”   We have formed
a vocabulary list.  We have practiced a
little “note taking” as we read about who was being fair or unfair in the
story.  We discussed the theme of
greed.  After April vacation, the
children began their own stories about what they would wish for if they found a
magic fish. 





April just
flew by!  We really enjoyed the few good
days we could get outside and are looking forward to more in May.

We want to
thank everyone who came to the Science Fair to see our work and enjoy the
evening together. Your interest and enthusiasm made it easy for the class to
demonstrate their projects and showcase their knowledge.  Any stage fright quickly vanished in front of
such an attentive and appreciative audience. 
And to have so many relatives come in and share Grandparents’ Day was a
special bonus this month.

continues with division and with area work. Some students are exploring nets in
geometry and calculating surface area of different types of prisms and
cylinders. This work calls for the integration of many math skills and enhanced
habits of mind, particularly perseverance and concentration.  Geometry based word problems bring an
additional level of complexity.  In
addition, some students have begun learning to frame mathematical terms in
algebraic expressions.

All students
are still in the Literature Circle novels they were in March, busily responding
to the reading either through discussion or written work.  Our new read aloud is The Jacket and
it is affording us a great deal of material for thought/discussion about the
nature, origins and extent of prejudice as the main character explores his own
mind set and that of his family when a jacket appears to have been stolen
(which it wasn’t).

We continue
to work on short stories through which we study inference, mood, word choice,
characterization and sequencing.

From now
until the Spring Performance we are juggling rehearsals and an increased work
load as we look forward to moving up to a new level next September.  Fifth years will be taking Stanford tests –
results will arrive home during the summer vacation – and books are arriving
for summer reading.  We look forward to
the Teacher Appreciation Dinner, Spanish Fiesta, Look Park and, alas,

retrospect, most of the whole year has flown by!



Christie Hester-Moore                                                             
Upper and Lower Elementary Art       
May 2015


     Hello everyone I
hope that you enjoyed your spring vacation. In art, we have been busily
preparing for the Spring Production auction. Both the Upper and Lower
Elementary classes have been working on collaborative art projects.  Each Elementary class is repurposing a
child’s wooden puzzle into a “one of a kind” art piece.  We started this project by sanding and
applying several layers of white acrylic paint to each puzzle piece in order to
create a neutral base on which to work.  In
keeping with this year’s school wide theme of heritage, each student was tasked with the assignment to design an
individual puzzle piece that reflected their family heritage, philosophy or
traditions. The students are using a variety of materials to create their
designs such as paint, markers and glitter. 
Each puzzle consists of twenty-four pieces and on the left over pieces,
the children are designing a section that we will all work on together. Once
all the pieces are complete, the puzzle will be reassembled and glued into
place. The idea being that we bring all these unique elements which represent
us as individuals and combine them.  They
in turn are what make up our school community and “family” if you will. Each
puzzle will incorporate the line from our school song, “We’re All Family Under
One Sky” and a picture hanger will be attached on the back of this art piece so
it can easily be displayed. We are in the process of completing these projects
and are busy putting all the final touches in order to have them ready for the
Spring Production so they can be auctioned off.  Below you can see the works in progress.  That’s all until next time.









we were away for February vacation, Chinese New Year began.  Several years ago, there was a family with
two boys in my class from Taiwan.  Their mother was fluent in English, and she
was also eager to share her family’s culture with her sons’ class.  Thanks to her, I have stories and decorations
to share with my classes today.  Chinese
New Year began (this year) on February 19 and lasts for fifteen days.  We have been learning about the origin of the
New Year’s observance, about some of the traditional customs, and about how
some Chinese-American children celebrate the New Year.  Did you know that the color red and the noise
of the fire-crackers are used to scare away the monster who preys on innocent
victims at the end of each year? 
Children receive gifts of money in red envelopes?  Oranges
are considered good luck?  The
celebration ends with the Lantern Festival?


the upcoming weeks will not be bringing us so much snow, and I will be able to
continue with the space curriculum I have planned.  We began with a look at some concepts that
are important to know about before a study of space.  First, we explored the concept of “gravity.”  We jumped up – and came down.  We rolled a car on a ramp – it went down, not
up.  We rolled a car off the edge of a
table – it fell down.  Gravity is a force
that draws everything towards the center of the earth.  Without it, we would all float out into
space.  Next, we talked about matter and
what it is, and the three states that all matter is – solid, liquid, or
gas.  We compared these to our earlier
lesson of land, water, and air. 

 If you happen to be outside with your child
after dark, look up at the sky – talk about what you both see there.  We will be learning a bit about space in
general, but will mostly be focusing on our solar system.  We will learn about the sun (what it is like
and what it does for us).  We will make
booklets of the planets.  We will talk
about how earth is different from the other planets.  And, we will “explore” the moon.  I am excited to share this interesting
subject with the class.

Looking forward to an early spring…





April has come and gone in a flash. The children returned
back to school after a restful vacation. 
I was thrilled to see their smiling faces on Monday morning and we have
had a great start for the remainder of this school year.

It seems we are finally all much healthier and the coughing
and sneezing in our classroom has mostly disappeared.  We have had another whole class hand-washing
demonstration to remind ourselves of the proper way to get rid of those pesky
germs.  No more sickness I hope!


Grandparents Day was wonderful as always.  The children did a fantastic job showing what
they do in school and what they have learned this year. It is very gratifying
to see them spend time with their grandparents and to see that special
bond.  We even had great-grandparents
visit this year!


Looking ahead:  May is
full of new and exciting activities. We are practicing our songs for our Spring
Performance and are crafting a quilt for our Raffle on Spring Performance
night. Each child will be able to decorate his/her own patch for our classroom
quilt.  The project will surely turn out
very nicely.  I know you will love it!


During the next several weeks we will be doing an activity
called “Special Friend for the Day”.  I
will be sending home a form for you to fill out together with your child.  After you return the form, each day a
different child will be chosen to be the “Special Friend” and the other children
will be asked to find out who the special friend is. This is a very exciting
and meaningful way to celebrate each child’s uniqueness.


We are also looking forward to our fieldtrip to Lupa Zoo on
Wednesday, May 27. The children will love this trip and it should be a lot of
fun for everyone.  We will be sending
home information shortly. Please remember to return the permission slip with
envelope as soon as possible. We could use another chaperone or two, please
call the school or send me a note if you would like to join us on that day.







Thank goodness for a
break in the weather - hopefully!  It
certainly has been a nice change during recess not having to wear winter gear.

This time of year, the children are hard at work
demonstrating the many skills they have mastered, as well as building new
skills and abilities. The three year olds are busy repeating the necessary
Practical Life activities (scooping, pouring, tweezing, stringing, scrubbing,
etc) and are also sharpening their senses with the Sensorial activities
(building the Pink Tower and Brown Stairs, distinguishing smooth and rough,
etc). These activities are helping to build their concentration and develop
organizational skills. The four and five year olds are typically strengthening
their phonetic abilities, beginning to blend sounds, or are reading at various
levels depending on their individual readiness. The oldest five and six year
olds are leading the way throughout the entire classroom. Many of them have
individual projects which they have self created (for ex. writing journals from
chapter books, push pin continent maps, drawing flags of the United Nations,
and writing "silly sentences" strips several feet long). It is wonderful
to step back and observe your children at their finest!

We've been working on important Grace and Courtesy lessons
during our group activities. Recently, the children learned how to properly
shake hands, make eye contact and say "Hello or Good Morning" to each
other. Also, we practiced how to formally introduce ourselves to one another.
We will continue these types of activities for a couple more weeks.


Hopefully everyone
received the notice regarding the quilt we will be making for the Annual Spring
Performance.  This year’s school theme is
Heritage and we have been discussing this along with nationalities.  Each child will be creating a quilt block
which I will then put together as a quilt to raffle off the night of the
Performance.  After I have everyone’s
paper or email back stating what nationality you would like to represent your
family, I will start their individual flags for the quilt.

I hope all the grandparents enjoyed their visit in the
classroom. It was a pleasure seeing the returning families and meeting the new.
Thank you for taking the time to see your grandchildren (and
great-grandchildren) in action. The children love to show off all that they
have learned.

Lastly, thank you to Andrew Banker’s
father, Brian for giving a wonderful presentation to our Children’s House
Classrooms on “Doctor Visits” and what to expect during a visit.  For example we learned what a stethoscope is
used for (the children loved listening to each other’s heartbeat), how to check
your knee reflexes and they also enjoyed looking into another child’s ear with
Brian’s help.  Along with the many
questions the children asked Brian, this was a great experience for us all!


Coming Up Next – EARTH DAY








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