Enhanced Curriculum


In the Toddler class Spanish is an interactive experience as our Spanish teacher interacts with the students speaking Spanish while playing or working.

The Children's House students have Spanish once a week in large and small groups. Their beloved Spanish teacher has a myriad of creative ways to make learning Spanish effortless and fun.

The elementary children meet twice a week with the Spanish teacher and build on what they have learned during their preschool years. They increase their Spanish vocabulary, develop a greater understanding of grammar, practice their writing skills and gradually increase in their ability to understand oral direction.


The preschoolers have ample opportunities for art activities within their classroom whenever they choose. The teachers create new art activities to inspire and challenge them regularly.

The elementary children have an art class each week in which they work with a talented teacher on various projects including painting, drawing, pottery and masks. In the classroom, the children look at the art of other cultures, and other times. They learn about many different styles and periods in the history of art and learn to recognize the work of various artists. Children go on field trips to museums and galleries to view the work of celebrated artists


Toddlers meet on Fridays with our music teacher to sing some songs play instruments and start to enjoy music class.

The students in Children's House have a weekly music class with our talented and energetic music teacher. This includes singing songs and playing the recorder. A good portion of the music class is spent preparing songs for end of year spring performance.

In the elementary music class students sing songs play the recorder and also do some beginning music theory. The culmination of the music program is our Spring Performance, for which the whole school comes together to perform; families and friends come to enjoy this wonderful evening.

Physical Education

In our once a week physical education classes the elementary students work on team building and cooperative strategies that they can use in sports and real life situations outside of the classroom.

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