Lower Elementary

First, Second and Third grades
6 to 9 years old

Our Lower Elementary classroom provides a learning environment which is a continuation of the independent learning style of the primary classrooms. Here children are supported in their continuing efforts to read and write, understand mathematical concepts through manipulation of Montessori materials., and explore topics in science, history, and geography. The multi-age grouping allows children to work with other children who are at a similar level academically.

The individually oriented approach to learning in the Montessori classroom allows children to move along at their own pace in different subject areas. We are able to accommodate the various learning styles and abilities of children and to help them make good work choices. Children work in large and small groups, as well as individually throughout the day. They are able to pace themselves, have discussions with other children and teachers and get help, as needed, throughout the day. Teachers move through the classroom, giving lessons, answering questions and ensuring that each child is actively engaged with challenging materials.

Curriculum areas:

  • Language (reading, writing, grammar, spelling, research skills, handwriting, public speaking)

  • Math (basic operations, fractions, money, telling time, measurement, geometry)

  • Science (zoology, botany, weather, earth science, ecology)

  • Geography and World Cultures (physical, political and economic geography)

  • History (stories of the beginning of the earth, timelines of early life on earth, early human cultures of the world, universal fundamental needs of humans)

  • Practical Life (animal and plant care, independent and self care, care of the environment, teaching lessons to others, conflict resolution)

  • Spanish

  • Physical Education/Dance

  • Art

  • Music

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