Upper Elementary

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades
9 to 12 years

Upper Elementary students are truly reaping the benefits of a Montessori preschool education. They have developed the self-control, independence and ability to concentrate which they need to research topics and think about the implications of what they are learning.

The language curriculum is designed to build early literacy through the development of strong reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking and presentation skills. The goal is for every child to become an effective reader and writer with strong communication skills and a true love of reading.

The goals of the Montessori math curriculum are to develop the mathematical mind of the child, instill in children a love of the process of math, foster confidence in math abilities, develop critical thinking skills and develop skills of accuracy.

The cultural curriculum integrates the studies of biology, zoology, botany, ecology, geography, history and the physical sciences. Maria Montessori referred to the studies in the cultural area of the curriculum as the "cosmic education". She stressed the importance of student recognition of the interdependence of life on earth, the history of life on earth and the role every living organism plays in the world, both present and past. One of the key objectives of the Montessori cultural curriculum is to develop a global perspective and the study of history and world cultures form the cornerstone of the curriculum. Concepts are taught through teacher presentations, teacher facilitated discussions, student use of educational materials, guided research projects, field trips, guest lectures, experimentation , and participation in annual school events such as Earth Day and the Science Fair.

Additionally, there is a strong emphasis in the school, and particularly at the elementary level, on the concepts of citizenship and community. Students engage in a variety of community service projects throughout the year. Students not only make a contribution to the community outside the school but are also made aware of the local community's needs.

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